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Private Lessons

     Are you interested in learning more about art? Exploring your hidden talents? Or developing an artistic skill? 4P Studios offers tailored private art lessons and workshops. Let our instructors help you exercise your creative muscle and explore your creativity within!​


Oil Painting

Mixed Media

Drawing what you see and not what you know... That's our motto. This is probably the most important skill any artist should have in their 'bag of tricks'. We help our students hone their skills using graphite, charcoal, and chalk, or oil pastels - just to name a few.


Come by 4P Studios today to see if we can help you learn how to draw!

4P Studios has an extensive list of artists ready and willing to help you learn all there is to know about Oil Painting. From basic color mixing, application, techniques, building and prepping your own canvas, we can do it all!


Participants, young and old, are welcome to sign up for private lessons in Oil Painting.

Acrylic Painting


4P Studios Mixed Media classes are typically taught as weekend workshops. We bring in outside artists to cover a medium or method not currently offered regularly at the Studio. 


Some examples include:

Using recyclable materials to create art

Using cardboard as an art material

Recreating a drawing or painting in 3D with a variety of materials


We guarantee you'll find something new each time you sign up! Stop in today!!!

Acrylic Painting is just as fun as working with Oils! 4P Studios artists are positive you'll leave with more inspiration and motivation to create than you thought possible after taking one of our Acrylic Painting private lesson sessions. 


All ages are welcome to participate. Sign up today!

We're confident that with guided instruction and some practice, you'll be well on your way to making improvements each time. 4P Studios also has several other Watercolor artists on our list of instructors who are guaranteed to teach you a thing or two about this medium. 

You're never too young or old to pick up a paintbrush! Stop by the studio to learn about the studios private lesson offerings.

Contact us today to book lessons!

Request a meeting for Private Lessons

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